Maylees 4th of July playhouse 

4th of July is just a week and a half away! We decorated Maylees playhouse for the fourth so she can enjoy it for the next week and a half! We thought we would also give you some ideas for kids at a 4th of July party or barbecue. img_6338img_6339img_6334On the outside of the playhouse we set out this old vintage table that has little bits of red. We placed some old patriotic books that kids can look through. The kids can then eat their dinner and their treats that they buy from the lemonade stand. img_6331img_6332img_6326-1On the other side of the front porch we decided to set up a little lemonade and candy stand. We thought this would be such a cute idea for a 4th of July party! We filled little buckets that we got at target  with candy and made this sign on the chalkboard to advertise the cost. On the sides of the lemonade stand we set out these adorable little tiki lanterns. img_6355Under the candy stand we placed a bunch of old baseballs that we had in the wheel barrel. You have to just think about what random American, red white and blue decorations and things you have around and bring them out for the fourth.

Of course the candy was Maylees favorite part of the playhouse. I have to chime in about Maylee’s cute dress. I(Chelsi) started making them and selling them over at my Etsy shop. Go check them out here!img_6324-1Inside we have Maylees little table that we placed watermelon on along with some little flags. We dresses up the chalkboard for the 4th as well and hung some vintage school flags to give it more of an old club house feel. img_6336img_6341img_6330img_6340Back to ththe outside… we hung two flags from the playhouse. I love these two flags hanging here because it feels like a real house with the flags flying. We then strung a few banners across the front that we found at target and placed little flags in the flower box. img_6335In the upstairs of the playhouse we added a simple star garland and some balloons! What little kid doesn’t like to play with balloons!? We thought it would be something fun and different for the kids to play with in here. img_6374And here is the entire playhouse! We are excited for a Fourth of July party and to have some kids come join Maylee in fun, and the candy sale! img_6329img_6325-1Thanks for stopping by! If you didn’t notice here is Maylee waving bye to y’all! Have a happy Fourth!


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